Let’s give a big hand to VMware for revealing some details for Virtual Desktop Manager 3 on VMworld 2008. Now we can finally talk about it without violating our NDA.

  • Offline VDI
  • Scalable Virtual Images
  • Universal client

Offline VDI makes it possible to take your virtual machine with you when you travel. Ofcourse network connections or shared stuff won’t work.

One of the major drawbacks of the current version of Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM) is the huge amount of diskspace you need for your virtual machines. Each virtual machine takes up space equal to the installed programs and operating system. With Scalable Virtual Images you can use one ‘master’ image and something like linked clones. Instead of having space for eg. 20 virtual machines you now need space for one plus the changes/differences in the machines.

Universal Client makes it possible to connect to different systems with the same client. So if you want to connect to a virtual machine, to a blade PC or to terminal server, there’s no problem.

As with all stuff that’s beta VMware doesn’t garantee that all functions will be available in the next version.