I spend a lot of hours in traffic jams lately. It’s really driving me nuts.
All those break lights, slow moving cars.. Man, your mind starts to wonder..

‘What if life was a virtual machine’?

Life sure would get easier I think. Just look at the pro’s.

You just could VMotion to your work. Instead of taking ‘the pleasure’ of traffic-jam-blues you arrive at your destination in a couple of seconds. If you need more processing power during the day you can move to another body with more brain capacity, like someone who didn’t drink away all his brain cells.

If you got wounded in a car accident or something like that you just restore your body from a snapshot.

With the new VMSafe API and antiviral software you would be protected for almost all illnesses.

When the doctors find a solution to a problem like loosing your hair they can implement the fix with VMware’s Update Manager. Same goes for heart problems or other defects in your gene pool.

If you want to try out something like another color hair or you get your eyes lasered you make a snapshot before the procedure and if you’re not happy with it you just go back to the previous one.

If your body is getting old and no longer able to support your virtual conscience it can be moved to another body.

Of course there are some downsides:

If you share a body with another conscience and that one needs more processing power than you it is more than possible that you get slow or even paused for an extended period of time. There’s nothing you can do about it, other than ‘buying’ more priviliges and so more resources.

If somebody implements Life Cycle Manager you know in advance when it’s your time go, when your virtual disks are ready to be deleted.

You gotta have shared storage to store your conscience. You are trusting them with your life. All the information you got stored in your conscience could be read by them.

The VMSafe API also poses a threat. The company hosting your conscience could use that to filter out all unwanted thoughts and information.

Seeing all the pro’s and cons I’m not sure if I really want to be a virtual machine.. Think I’ll just get in my car later on.