Intelligent Application Gateway 2007 SP2

While reading some of the RSS feeds I stumbled onto an article about Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) 2007 SP2. Now you might say, what is so special about a servicepack? Well in this case it means that you can run IAG 2007 virtual!!!

First off what is IAG? IAG is a Microsoft solution to provide mobile and remote users an easy and flexible way to securely access their company networks. It provides users with a SSL and VPN connection wich can be made from almost any device ( pc, kiosk, mobile device).

This link directs you to the Microsoft site of IAG if you want more information:

Before Microsoft came with this servicepack, IAG 2007 was only able to run as a hardware unit. You had to go to a hardware OEM wich could sell you this. This made IAG 2007 a product that was used in small numbers. Most organisations would not buy the product just for testing and seeing if it was usefull in their infrastructure.

Now with SP2 you are able to run IAG 2007 virtual and there will be a .vhd wich you can use for testing purposes. The .vhd isn’t available yet, but as soon as it is I’m going to try and convert it and see if I can get it to work for VMware too.