IT is no 9 to 5 business. I must admit, some of the time it is my own doing, but sometimes it should be avoidable.

I had a discussion with a coworker in the sales department about this. I said that we spend more time on our work than he. He found it a bold remark.

I said: “How many nights do you spend on writing proposals? How many clients do you call at night?”. None was his answer. While we had this discussion one of my team members had some issues with Windows. Another one said: “I’ll check it out for you this evening so you can use it tomorrow”. “Here, ” I said, “there’s your answer. Everything for the client”. Ofcourse they do a good job. Without them I wouldn’t have a job.

There are more fun things I do at night for the company. Last year a couple of coworkers and I started doing some evening workshops for the professionals in our company on VMware. This was so much fun and they liked it so much that we decided to do more workshops on other subjects like storage and  messaging.

Last week it was time for a Linux workshop. Two of our more junior coworkers (hmm, am I calling myself senior now? :D) did the whole workshop, from creating the presentations and hands-on to the cleaning up afterwards.

It went very well, they did a terrific job. But still it was 23.30 when I was home. I was very proud of the ‘boys’ :)