We did a lot of testing lately with VDM for a proof of concept for a client and for our Centric/VMware seminar. One of the things we found missing was the cleanup of computer accounts after a VM was deleted.

The problem is that when you use non persistent pools and you use the option to delete the VM after it has been used it leaves a computer account behind in the Active Directory.

After a while you have a lot of computer accounts in your AD from computers that have been long gone. I like my AD tidy, so I’ve got the feeling that something is missing.

I know you can script a lot with VBScript or PowerShell (checking VirtualCenter to see if the computer still exists and if it isn’t, just delete it), but IMHO I think the connection broker itself should do this.

Erik posted a suggestion on the VMware forums. Feel free to acknowledge the problem :)


I must admit that I’m not sure if this is in VMware View 3.