VMware and PowerShell

I’m from the pre-WIMP era, like in pre Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pointers. There wasn’t anything like a graphical user interface. Even when they emerged like Norton Commander and PC Tools I still did most of my work from the commandline. Stuff like 4DOS enriched my life so I could get the most out of the commandline.

I still try to do most of my stuff from commandline. I’m very happy that companies like Microsoft see that there are more people that want to do their stuff from that commandline. Hence PowerShell. PowerShell can do some great tricks like doing an action on all servers in your infrastructure with one line of code.

With the VI Toolkit (for Windows) you can manage your virtual infrastructure with PowerShell

The VI PowerShell blog has got a lot of very interesting scripts for you to use. From a script that gives you the size of snapshots to a complete documenting script.

You can find the blog here: http://blogs.vmware.com/vipowershell/

The PowerShell Code Repository also has some interesting scripts at http://poshcode.org/?lang=posh&q=vmware

Eric Sloof also has some interesting PowerShell scripts on his site at http://www.ntpro.nl/blog/categories/10-VMware-PowerShell

If you know more sites with PowerShell scripts for VMware please let me know.