VMware employee confirms DPM support in next release

Last night I was reading some virtualization blogs (vblogs ;-) ) and an article on boche.net caught my eye. This article stated that a VMware employee, Richard Garsthagen,  revealed that after a very long period of waiting VMware decided that it’s going to support Distributed Power Management (DPM) in the next release.

[Crowd is going wild]

It’s not clear what this means exactly. The next release? Is this Update 4 or VI4?

The fact that a VMware employee reveals new features/support in an uncoming new VMware product sounds very strange to me so I did some research on the Internet but could not find a definitive answer on this subject. So until that time you can read the orginal article on boche.net or watch a cool DPM demo on the site of Richard Garsthagen.

We will inform you as soon as new information becomes available. To be continued….