Today me and AJ went to HP to get more information on HP c-Class blades. Last week we borrowed a C3000 enclosure with a c460 and a c685 blade from HP for our Centric/VMware seminar and we were very happy with it. I have to confess that prior to these blades I had very limited experience with blades. The only blades I worked with were HPBL20p blades and it wasn’t very plesant. They needed huge amount of power and cooling and connections were very limited.

But as I said the new HP blades certainly surprised us, so we asked HP if we could come over and get information and maybe a demo of the new HP blade systems and especially how we can use them in our virtualization/VMware projects.

So today we went to Amstelveen and met with Rien du Pre who  gave us a cool presentation on all possibilities. Basically the new blade systems can be compared with a big store full of Lego. You can configure a system by combining all building blocks like blades, switches, storage to your specific wishes.

Rien also gave us a tour in HP’s demo server room were they show and demo all HP hardware you can think off. AJ took some great pictures which can be found in our gallery shortly.

All in all it was a great and very informative day. Rien, thanks for your time and we will be back soon to spread the blade gospel!