Last few weeks I tested Hyper-V with the intention to write an article on the subject and give you a good idea how Hyper-V compares to VMware. After a few days I was not sure if I was objective enough and if this would be a good idea. To be honest I’m a big VMware fan and during the Hyper-V test I realized this was a true MS product. What that means, it’s buggy not consistent and has some strange MS ‘brainwaves’. So certainly not my product but maybe my view is colored. But luckily I’m not alone. Gabrie wrote some great articles on the subject and his opinion is ‘Hyper-V, not in my datacenter

Here are 3 articles on this subject you MUST read:

Bottom line, Hyper-V has some major flaws and is just not ready for enterprise datacenters. It’s a nice try and maybe in a few years when the technique has matured it will be enterprise proof. For now: Hyper-V, NOT IN MY DATACENTER (yet).

Gabrie, thnx for this great info!