Three months ago we kicked off with our own virtualization blog, with the intention to share our tips, tricks, news and real life experiences. We hope you enjoyed our effort, the statistics say you do more and more. From the end of October until today, we saw 11.084 visits with 134.787 page views. Together with the RSS feeds, this adds up to 371.328 hits and 5,6 GB traffic. Needless to say we’re pretty proud of that.

In 2009 the four of us will start with our new jobs with Centric MIS headquarters. We hope to give you even more tips, tricks and real life experiences than we did last year. All the signs say it will be a very interesting year. Of course we hope to see even more visitors in the years to come, so spread the word ;)

So from all of us here at, a merry christmas, a super (virtual) new year and we hope to see you all again in 2009!

And just to piss off Froos ;-)