Virtual Office is so much more than just a virtual working place. Things like VOIP, teleconferencing etc will add up to the ultimate virtual office.

I think a lot of companies should strive to create virtual offices. This way they can cut back their expenses. Their employees have to travel less, they don’t get stuck in traffic jams and so on.

The creation of a virtual office isn’t just a technical solution. Companies also have to make sure that their employees have a change of mentality.

Company culture is one of the most important reasons why initiatives like this fail. For some strange reasons a lot of people still believe that you have to sit in your office or cubicle from 9 to 5.

Working at home or shifted working hours somehow aren’t seen as ‘real’ workdays. Most of the time the people that work at home are making more hours than their coworkers at the office.

Conclusion: Since it saves time, money and the environment this is something we all should want, even if this takes a paradigm change.