Last year I started to write a small program in Perl to document the virtual infrastructures we encounter at client locations.
But since it’s all PowerShell it was time to start to write the same thing in PowerShell.

Although I do a lot with different scripting languages the PowerShell method was somewhat new to me. I mean, I’ve object passing in Delphi but the idea to be able to do this from the command line was another approach.
I’ve seen a lot of scripts and programs on the internet that do the same as what I’m doing, but with one difference: I’m doing it now :)
This way I’m learning a lot of the way how PowerShell does things. It makes it easier to script. Instead of writing 10 lines of code to get all VM’s you just do get-vm in PowerShell.

Ofcourse I ran into all kinds of problems, too much to mention in fact. As always was Google on of my best friends.. One of the blogs I found was from Wayne. It gives you some basic understanding of PowerShell and he placed some very nice articles about it:
Ofcourse there are much much more articles and sites about PowerShell. Use Google and you’ll find it..

Go with the force, my young padawan