One of the problems that most people have with virtualizing vCenter is that they don’t know where the vCenter VM is when there are problems.

There’s a fairly easy way to counter this problem.

WIth a couple of PowerShell lines you can check all ESX hosts individual for the existance of the vCenter VM, in this case the S-VC.

One of the minor issues is that you have to logon to each server. With some more lines of code you can even circumvent that.

Here’s the code:

$searchservers = @(‘host1′,’host2′,’host3’)


foreach ($vmhost in $searchservers)
connect-viserver $vmhost > out-null
if (get-vm | where {$_.Name -eq $SearchVM})
write-host $SearchVM ” found on host ” $vmhost

For this to work you need access to your ESX hosts from the network with the computer that’s running the script. You also need the VI Toolkit.