Everybody has his or her own opinion. And that’s a good thing …. most of the time. And everybody wants to solve problems or create solutions in their own way. Since we all have our own opinion and we all have a different view of the world around us, we all create different solutions for the same problem. And again, this is a good thing, most of the time.

But every now and then you have to solve a problem in too little time and you ask yourself: ‘Isn’t there anybody that already solved this problem?’ The answer is almost always: Yes, somebody already solved it.

The guys at VMware also realized this, so they started VIOPS, short for VI Operations (I think). Here you can find all kinds of documents, tips, tricks, etc on operating virtual infrastructures. With VIOPS they created a community that can help you save time and thus money by packing all kinds of information needed for day to day operation of a virtual infrastructure as well as documentation and tips needed on how to design the best infrastructure you can.

A lot of stuff comes from you, the reader and from this and other blogs. So, please go over there and find out what it can do for you, or what you can do for the community :)