VMware Knowledge Base Update

In the last week these items are added or edited in VMware’s Knowledgebase at http://kb.vmware.com

Dear VMware Knowledge Base Weekly Digest Subscribers,

This past week, we had been busy with upgrading our Knowledge base to provide you with easier navigation, better search experience and product browsing.

As part of this update VMware has:

· Removed the ability to choose a language because our knowledge base is not localized.

· Included product browsing. This provides you the ability to choose a specific product when on the knowledge base home page. The articles you see after clicking the home page are then filtered by that product.

· Included a Show dropdown that allows you to determine what appears in the Recently Added Content and Top Issues boxes.

Please refer to our KB Help document for other useful information at: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/878

From next week, we will continue to provide you with the latest articles in the Weekly Digest.


The VMware Knowledge Base Team

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