Today I recieved the following e-mail from Richard Garsthagen, organiser of VMWorld Europe 2009, and I didn’t want to keep this from you.

In 7 weeks time the 2nd VMworld in Europe will be opening its doors!


This year we will offer even more hands-on labs at the event, where
you can get your hands on the latest technologies. To create even more
capacity all the labs will be self-paced, so you can come when ever
you like and how often you like! We will provide terminals where you
can sit down and work through these labs, but we will also allow you
to connect with your own laptop. When you bring your own laptop there
is even less chance of waiting in line. (Do make sure you run windows
on your laptop, we will provide the VDI environment to connect.


Besides the hands-on labs, we will again have an extremely exciting
solution exchange with more then 100 vendors showcasing their
virtualization technologies. This will be THE place to find out what
is going on in our exciting virtualization industry!

There will be around 150 unique breakout sessions to make sure you can
keep your virtualization skills up-to-date. From deep technical
sessions about the latest technologies like VMware Fault Tolerant,
VMmark, Distributed Virtual Switches and much more to real world
practical sessions on how to best implement key applications in your

To get us enthusiastic VMware created a short promo video about the hands-on labs @ VMworld.

In the following weeks VMware will post more promotion videos. If you want to stay up-to-date subscribe to our YouTube channel.