Back home!

life is hard.. one minute you’re at the french Riviera (Nice/Cannes,17 degrees Celcius, sunny) and the next minute you’re struck by reality (Amsterdam, 5 degrees Celcius, drizzle). Grissa and myself went to Schiphol Airport to pick the boys up. Fortunately they had a good flight, but the weather was very confronting when they got out of the plane ;) . On our way back home we even ran a flat tire, but we made it safely after all.

For me, I’d like to say to all of you a big thanks for the huge amount of interest in our blog! I must honestly say that I’d never expect that so many of you would follow the comments and postings from VMworld 2009. I hope we can keep you hooked to our site, now VMworld 2009 Europe has ended.

Stay tuned for new postings and news from the world of virtualisation as there is much more to see! :)