While reading some documents from Anne Jan and Erik about migrations of physical machines by means of P2V I noticed there was information about the ports that are being used for this migration:

  • Physical machine to the converter server port 443
  • Converter server to physical machine ports 445 and 139
  • Converter server to vCenter server port 443
  • Converter client to converter server port 443
  • HTTP port 80
  • SOAP port 9085
  • Web port 9086

The information I was missing though was about the services that are beeing used when migrating a Windows physical machine:

  • Workstation service
  • Server service
  • TCP/IP ¬†Netbios helper
  • VMware ¬†Converter service (which will become available on the physical machine when the converter client is pushed)
  • Volume Shadow Copy service (Windows XP, Windows 2003 server)

Most of the times these services are running. But when having problems with a P2V migration be sure to check out these services.

On a personal note: I’m happy I could help them to create even better documents ;)