As you probably read earlier VMware started a new program, vExpert. Today both Erik and me got the mail from John Troyer with: “Congratulations. You received a vExpert award!’ This is great news as there are only 25 vExperts in the Netherlands and 300 worldwide. says about this:

At VMware, we are always grateful that our work has inspired the community to work with us to spread the word about virtualization and the benefits of using VMware’s products. From the very beginning, news about VMware has been spread via word-of-mouth from one excited customer to another. As our product platform grew and became VMware Infrastructure, the community grew along with it into one of the most remarkable enterprise software community in existence. Now, the virtualization conversation goes on 24-7, online and offline, all over the world. We’re grateful for all the support over the years, and we’re excited to start this VMware vExpert program to publicly thank some of the people who have helped us.