VMworld Europe 2009 - Au revoir

Last night we finished publishing the last two videos and now it’s Friday Febr 27 8:15, we are eating breakfast and getting ready to leave Cannes. Our flight leaves at 12:05 and we hope to touch down at Schiphol Airport at 14:20. We had a great time, it was hard and very exhausting but it it was worth every minute of sleep we missed to keep you informed and keep VMGuru.nl up-to-date. We very much hope you enjoyed it. We hope the post were good, the videos were entertaining and your experience was as if you were in Cannes yourself. The website statistics looked very promising, 250.00 hits in the last week, and we hope we can keep you interested in the future.

As I already said, we hope you have enjoyed it, we certainly did. If you have any questions, comments or compliments ;-) , please feel free to drop us an e-mail. We collected all VMworld Europe 2009 videos on a new ‘Videos page’, so check it out.

From the VMGuru.nl-crew @ Cannes, thank you for you support!