Centric promoted to VIP Premier Partner!

Today I got some great news! Our employer, Centric, has been promoted to VMware VIP Premier Partner! This is great news as there are only 3 other Premier Partners in the Netherlands, SLTN, PQR and Imtech ICT Brocom. This is a great acknowledgment of our hard work so VMware and Maurice thanks for this ‘award’.

VMware Premier Partners have made a commitment to invest in the VMware partnership through dedicated technical, sales and support resources, and have demonstrated this consistently over time. VMware rewards Premier Partners with the highest level of enablement, support and rewards benefits.

Premier partners are authorized to sell the full VMware product line. Taking a solution-oriented approach,  Premier Partners engage in complex solution offerings and demonstrate high levels of skill in areas such as:

  • Server
  • Storage
  • Applications
  • WIN/Linux operating systems
  • Database
  • Networking

Premier Partners can take advantage of several incentive programs, including oppreg+, newaccount+, influence and the VMware Volume Purchasing Program (VPP). These programs provide Enterprise Partners with a potential reward of up to 16% plus volume discounts to pass on to customers.


  • Resell the entire award-winning VMware product line.
  • Access free Not-for-Resale (NFR) software and Beta versions of VMware products.
  • Access Market Development Funds (Proposal based funding).
  • Offer volume discounts to your customers through the VMware Purchasing Program (VPP).
  • Receive comprehensive technical and sales training programs.
  • Access VMware support incidents for pre and post-sales inquiries.
  • Receive VMware account management and assistance with business planning.
  • Access sales promotions and demand generation programs.