Today Dell EqualLogic introduced their new PS6000 series iSCSI SANs. The new models in this serie are the PS6000E, PS6000X, PS6000XV, PS6000S and the PS6500E.

One of the most interesting models is the PS6000S. This PS6000S is an enterprise-class iSCSI SAN with SSD technology and is offering an affordable and easy means to bring the low latency performance benefits of SSD technology. The PS6000S provides higher IOPS and as little as 1/3rd the latency of 15k rpm disk arrays, ideal for challenging applications, such as virtual desktop implementations such as VMware View with linked clone technology. The Solid State Drives (SSD) provide low-latency and high-IOPS.

The PS6000S offers a maximum 800GB gross storage using sixteen 50GB SSDs, it supports RAID level 5, 6, 10 and 50 and all is connect using four 1 Gigabit ethernet connections.

You can find more information below:

PS6000S Specification Sheet

PS Series Overview Brochure

PS6000 Series Family Brochure

PS6000 Series Reference Guide

Update: Links no longer working

The other models are comparable to the the PS5000 series, except that it has four 1 Gigabit ethernet connections instead of three.

The basic version is the PS6000E, if you want a faster solution use the PS6000X, if you are not satisfied yet get the PS6000XV and if you want the Ferarri get the SSD version, the PS6000S. If you need capacity instead of speed you use the ┬┤Sumo┬┤, the PS6500E.