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VMotion fails at 90% with a general system error, failed to resume on destination message (1008735)
Date Published: 2/25/2009

Configuring Timeout Values in VirtualCenter for the Virtual Machine Migration Task (1008675)
Date Published: 2/24/2009

Virtual Machines Cloned with Answer File Based Customization Might Not Be Added to the Domain Specified in the Sysprep Answer File (1008265)
Date Published: 2/24/2009

Performance Overview Charts Might Not Be Displayed If the VirtualCenter Server Uses Oracle Database (1008328)
Date Published: 2/24/2009

Performance Overview Charts Might Fail to Display if VirtualCenter Is Upgraded Without Stopping the VMware Infrastructure Web Access Service (1008330)
Date Published: 2/24/2009

Customized Clones of Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista Virtual Machines Prompt For Network Location Selection Upon Power On (1008378)
Date Published: 2/24/2009

Edited Advanced Options In an HA-Enabled Cluster Do Not Take Effect (1008479)
Date Published: 2/24/2009

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