I get more and more the question does vendor x with application y support their software running in a VMware environment.

There are several questions to ask:

  1. Can the application be virtualized? or in other words does the application run without problems in a VMware environment?
  2. Does the vendor support running in a VMware environment?
  3. Does the vendor give full and/or unconditional  support when running the application virtual?

A lot of the software vendors around have chosen to add a line like: If vendor suspects that a problem is the result of the virtualization technology we will require the problem be recreated in a native environment before providing continued defect support.

Nice example as how it also can be done by other vendors like what Cognos did.

There is a major list on the VMware website under ISV showing vendors who support VMware in one way or another.

A list of some other major vendors with their support policies is shown below:


Oracle (You need to have a My Oracle Support account to view the support policy)


I am going to deep dive in the support and license structure for Oracle in the upcoming days.