As every morning I was browsing on the internet and read an amazing article about controlling your virtual infrastructure by logging into vCenter mobile access from your mobile device. I think almost everyone knows the situation in which you are occupied in a personal situation and all of a sudden you receive a call from work. Something is going wrong with your IT infrastructure and they need you to fix it. During the years a lot of remote access programs where made for IT administrators which can help you in a similar situation.

For these situations VMware is working on a program for remote access. The “VMware vCenter Mobile Access” or “vCMA” software makes it possible for an IT administrator to access your ESX infrastructure for remote management.

  • Search inventory
  • Browse inventory
  • MigrateVMs with VMotion
  • Initiate recovery plans
  • View scheduled tasks
  • View triggered alarms
  • View performance charts
  • Network tools
  • VM power operations
  • VM Snapshots view / create / revert
  • VM Annotations
  • VM Hardware Settings
  • and many many more ……..

Above are just a few examples of what you are able to do with vCMA.


For access to the ESX environment you will need to deploy a virtual appliance called the “vCMA server”. Giving the vCMA server connections to individual ESX hosts or to your vCenter will then enable you to use a mobile phone to access your ESX environment.

Here you can find more information (including a video) about vCMA.

Or watch this Youtube-video


This is a combined post of Anthony (wintersa) & Sander (Grissa)