Hyper-V, the laughter continues

laughter Today my twitter popped up and I saw a retweet from Duncan Epping pointing to an article on VInternals. Duncan added a warning ‘Please sit down before reading my latest post’, this caught my attention.

I read the article and I must say, this is a MUST READ for all virtualization architects, admins, decision makers!

The article, published January 2009, contains information directly from employees from Microsoft explaining the design considerations in relation to Hyper-V. Make sure you’re sitting down when you read the excerpts, are somewhere private like your own home, and have the bathroom door open and an Ambulance on hold. Because it is very likely you will piss yourself laughing.

This article is the next article in a long sequel of Microsoft Hyper-V vs VMware ESX articles, like:

VMware dedicated a blog to this so called Microsoft mythbusting, you can find it here.