Hello Folks,

Recently we opened up the site for comments without registration. We really love the feedback we get from you guys out there. It’s a motivator to keep up the work we’re doing. So keep commenting! :)

However, there is one downside to this. Some people on the net are very concerend about our lovelives and seem to think we are in desperate need of pharmacutical aid with that particular part of our existance.  They frequently try to post links to sites using the comment function, where we can buy these specific pills and in the process also unintentionally join their network to “spread the word”.

In short, the amount of spam posted on the site is rising. We try to keep the site clean of spam and unwanted posts (by using filtering and such) but if we miss one, please drop us a message on twitter, mail, msn, gmail, whatever :) so we can clean it up.