The score after 6 months

websitestats6monthsIt is now April and in October 2008, 6 months ago, we started our own virtualization blog. I registered a funny domain name when applying for a private domain name and Anne Jan, Edwin, Alex and I started this website just for the fun of it.

In the beginning the blog was intended to share our knowledge and experiences with colleagues who work throughout the Netherlands but very soon we attracted the attention of VMware enthusiasts all over the world.

At the end of December the number of hits grew from 80.000 (October) to almost 200.000 hits per month and we started getting positive responses. We then decided to try to walk and talk with the big boys like Eric Sloof, Gabrie van Zanten, Mike Laverick, Scott Herold, Duncan Epping, Richard Garsthagen, etc. The plan is/was to post our real life experiences and bring you as much VMware related news as possible. A part of this was to do a live report from VMworld Europe in Cannes with photos and videos.

During VMworld Europe in Cannes we worked our asses of to bring you all the news and the website statistics went through the roof. We went from 200.000 hits in December and 260.000 hits in January to almost 600.000 hits in February. We had an amazing 325.000 hits on the website during the VMworld week!

One of the best things in Cannes was that Anne Jan and I were announced as VMware vExperts which is a great acknowledgment for our work and of course this website/blog.

Now at the beginning of April visitors/hits are still increasing and now we are beginning to get more and more interaction with our visitors, so……

We thank you for your support, comments and feedback and hope you keep coming to in the future and we will try to bring you the latest news and real life experiences.

Below you will find the website statistics for the past 6 months.

In short: 2.1M hits, 78GB data traffic, 50.000 visits, 675.000 page views.

I can’t help to feel proud! Thanks to Anne Jan and Edwin for the nice articles and Alex for the sublime hosting.