VMware View problems

After a long day configuring various pools for VMware View I got some strange warning in the log from VMware View:

Missing VM was not in the original query: vm-234

I don’t like errors, especially in a newly configured server. in this case it also affected the rollout of In order to solve this I created a new pool but none of the machines in this new pool were provisioned.  Pools that were already present kept on working like a charm.

The project this was for has a pretty strict deadline, so I ended up reinstalling the VMware View Manager instead of going through the proper support channels.

Googling found only one solution: Reinstalling ADAM/VMware View Manager or making a replica server. Because I already had a server (and not too many pools) I removed ADAM and View Manager and reinstalled VMware View Manager.

On the VMware Community forums people were posting around the same problem. I replied to this post: http://communities.vmware.com//thread/204239

After reading some more I found a solution that said that you could remove the VM in question from within VMware View manager, but since I don’t know which one it’s somewhat difficult.

If one of you readers have another solution, please let me know. Also if you know how I can relate the vm-xxx to a real VM name I would be helped as well.

Although I’m back-upping the database/system I really really want to know what is causing this.