vSphere 4 NL product launch


Today I, and two other colleagues, attended the vSphere 4 producct launch in Houten the Netherlands. The subject was Efficiency, control and Choice just as in the webcast from yesterday evening.

Jeremy presented the overall vSphere product and after a short break Ton Hermes presented the Technical track and Stef Koopman presented the Sales track. I attended the Technical track and Edwin and Alex attended the Sales track.

The information presented was not very new to us and probably not to you either as we posted an article on the news and new features yesterday.

The news were the features in the four versions of vSphere …….


…. and the pricing.


The Enterprise version will be available until December 15th and allows current Enterprise clients to upgrade.

Another item that was not new to us, was the limited support for VMware’s own Management and Automation suite. We already presented you the rumor but in today’s presentation, unfortunately, the rumor was confirmed.

So in the GA version which will soon be available initially there won’t be support for:

  • VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
  • VMware vCenter Lab Manager
  • VMware vCenter Lifecycle Manager
  • VMware vCenter Stage Manager
  • VMware View

Hopefully VMware will fix this very very soon.

If you want to view the webcast from yesterday, you can watch it on-demand here.

If you want more information, here’s the ‘What’s new in vSphere 4: Technical Overview’.