Do the math correctly

Browsing through Planet V12n I stumbled upon a great article by Steve Kaplan, which I didn’t want to keep from you.

As we all know we’re in the midst of a hypervisor battle. VMware vs (Microsoft / Citrix).

VMware focuses on their broad range of products for server-, desktop- and application virtualization including the necessary management and automation tools and disaster recovery solutions to enable the virtualization of a complete data center and desktops.

Microsoft focuses on the cost perspective and claims that their Hyper-V solution is cheaper then VMware’s vSphere.

No problems so far but if you want to compare cost, keep the fight clean and do an honest comparison. In his article Steve points out the areas were he thinks the comparison is not fair or not clear. I’ve read the comparison multiple times and I must agree this is one of those cases where Microsoft does not play fair as we encountered earlier with Citrix’s misleading comparison of HA, 2.

In my opinion a great job by Steve and a must read article.