It may be clear to you that we at are huge VMware fans but when we claim to inform you about all the virtualization related news, we owe it to you to bring positive as well as negative news about VMware, Microsoft, Citrix (2) or any other vendor for that matter.

Lately VMware has been in the news in a not so positive manner. First there was a change in the VMworld policy which according to VMware was to prevent competitors from trashing VMware like Microsoft did at VMworld 2008. Second there was the news that Veeam had to discontinue the support for ESXi Free in Veeam Backup and Replication in order to comply with VMware’s updated licensing policy.

Gabrie van Zanten from Gabes Virtual World wrote a great article on the subject which you should definitely check out.
He is awaiting official response from VMware so check out the article here and come back to check the VMware response.

Personally i hope he is wrong and Paul Maritz left his ‘bully-my-competitor-box-of-tricks‘ at Microsoft. But maybe this is the way the game needs to be played in the current economic situation with the upcoming competition.