As you may have read here on we are great fans of VMware View and spend a lot of time testing and implementing various versions. One thing which is still missing, despite the new(er) versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.1.1, is a proper way to view the VMware View log files.

In my search of a decent VMware View log viewer I ran into ‘vAudit‘, a handy little tool created by Richard Garsthagen, a VMware employee who runs the website

The tool is still in beta (v0.90) but it looks very promising and helps a lot when troubleshooting and administrating a VMware View environment.

You can find more information here and you can download version 0.90 here.

Update Aug 4th:

Recently Richard released the 1.0 version of vAudit with the following improvements:

– vAudit now also checks for login failures, so you can detect if people are trying to hack into your system
– You can now resize the username column, so you can actually read the username if you have long domain names
– When you MouseOver a session, it will display the machine name and time information

In the next release, Richard is planning to add information about your top users, make an export function and at some point will give your a graph with daily concurrent usage.

You can download vAudit 1.00 here.