The post frequency on has been a bit low because I have been on ‘holiday’ for the last three weeks. During these three weeks I’ve been very busy moving to my new house.
Now I’m back and the first thing to do is to plough through my Inbox and check all interesting RSS news to discover what has happened in the world of virtualization during my absence.

I decided to create a small and concise update in chronological order.

July 7th – VMware ESX Configuration Maximums Matrix:
In between packing, flooring and cabling I came across a great ‘VMware ESX Configuration Maximums Comparison Matrix‘ on Daily  A great documents which sums up the maximums of ESX 3, ESX 3.5 and 3.5 U1, ESX 3.5 U2 and up and of course vSphere. Very handy when studying for your VCP exam or when designing a new virtual infrastructure.

July 10th – vCenter Server 2.5 Update 5 released:
As of July 10th vCenter Server 2.5 Update 5 (English and localized) is available for download. Virtual Center 2.5 Update 5 fixes some important known issues and includes significant performance and scalability improvements to VMware High Availability. Use or update to vCenter Server 2.5 Update 5 when you have more than 35 virtual machines per host in an HA cluster.

For more information read the release notes. For details regarding compatibility check this out. vCenter Server 2.5 Update 5 can be downloaded here.

July 13th – New VMware Partner Central ONLINE:
On July 13th the new VMware Partner Central came online. VMware Partner Central now has some new/improved features like customized content on your program, partner level, and role. Improved Partner Locator that allows customer and prospect searches on your locations, competencies, partner levels and partner types. Dedicated pages for products & solutions, promotions, sales & marketing tools to help you develop your virtualization practice.

So go to and check out the new features. I think it is definitely worth it.

July 13th – VMware View 3.1.1 released:
On July 13th VMware also released an important update for VMware View 3 which update to version 3.1.1. This maintenance release addresses some customer issues and eliminates some known bugs. It also addresses the following: ‘View clients might unexpectedly disconnect from the desktop when tunneled‘ described in knowledge base article 1012388.

More information regarding this release can be found in the release notes. The new version (3.1.1) can be downloaded here.

July 14th – vSphere Sales reference sheet:
Today I received a very handy vSphere Sales reference sheet from our VMware Reseller Manager. The sheet shows the different version of vSphere and associated support options with the (European) prices. So if you want to compare vSphere version and pricing, check out this
vSphere Sales reference sheet. Maurice thanks!

July 15th – New vCenter Management products:
VMware picked my birthday to release their new vCenter Management products, vCenter Lab Manager 4, vCenter AppSpeed and vCenter Chargeback.

VMware Lab Manager 4 .0 automates management of internal cloud resources for development and test environments, providing self-service access for end users while ensuring IT control.

vCenter AppSpeed enables virtual infrastructure administrators to ensure performance levels for virtualized-multi-tier applications.

vCenter Chargeback provides cost modeling, accounting and reporting/billing for virtual resources.

July 16th – vSphere upgrade exam material:
Today I received an e-mail from a colleague which some nice information to prepare for the vSphere 4 upgrade exam. The VSP 4 Upgrade guide and the VMware vSphere Software compatibility matrix combined with the
VMware ESX Configuration Maximums Comparison Matrix is a good foundation for the upgrade exam. Edwin thanks!

So far the 7 most important VMware/virtualization facts from the last 3 weeks out of my Inbox.