Many people have already traveled to America to attend VMworld 2009 which starts Monday September 31th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

We’ve already seen the ‘Ultimate Gabe & Babe US Road Movie‘ and a Gabrie’s New Orleans site-seeing clip.

But today, Virtual Geek, Chad Sakac posted some pictures frm inside the Moscone Center where the VMworld crew is busy setting up all hardware for next weeks VMworld 2009.

There will be 3 datacenters which will support all the hands-on labs, e-mail stations, booths, etc. The largest datacenter consists of 16 racks, each containing 4 Cisco UCS blade chasis, with 8 blades each. This totals 512 blades(!) so computing power won’t be a problem.

Do you want a peek? Check more.

Chad also published some pictures from the VMware GETO team preping a this gear. Here’s a small preview.

Some real techno-porno!

More info and pictures can be found here.