VMware View and templates

Moments after Erik posted about vCenter vs VDI,  I got problems with the VMware View 3.1.1 environment I’m setting up. I wanted to adjust the quality settings of Adobe Flash in a certain desktop pool. I started to edit the settings for the desktop pool and when I clicked finish I got a error that the Virtual Center didn’t had Sysprep running!!!

So I change a settings about the quality for Adobe Flash and suddenly Sysprep is broken?

The suggestion made to resolving this error was to set the customization specification to “none”. Since I used the desktop pool in question for almost 2 days now with the specified customization, I wasn’t about to put that option to “none”.

Things I tried to resolve the problem where:

  1. Thinking of Erik’s post I looked if any of the actions on the list where taken, this wasn’t the case.
  2. I tried tinkering with some other options in the wizard, but it didn’t make any difference.
  3. I tried to re-create the desktop pool. During the steps for creating the pool I got to the part where I should select the desired template. But somehow the template wasn’t getting displayed. And not only the desired template was gone, 3 out of 5 templates that where created and used before where not getting displayed.

As I could not see the desired template I shifted my attention from the “Sysprep” error to the template. What could have made the template “disappear”?

The only real difference between the templates was that those I could not see where converted to a VM. Once converted to a VM I installed Adobe flash and Adobe reader and then shutdown the VM again. Once down I converted the VM back to template.

I then cloned the template that was not visible thinking " if it doesn’t work it sure wont hurt me". After the cloning the View manager could see the newly cloned template and I could get on with the creation of the pool and desired settings. The old template I could then delete as it had no function anymore for me.

Now it could be that I did something wrong in the process of making changes to the template, but I can’t help getting the feeling there is something not right in the software.