VMware View with software Teradici PCoIP on the horizon?

Today Virtualization.info published the news that VMware View 4.0 went into private beta with the Teradici PCoIP software implementation. I was unable to verify this but I assume it’s correct.

So why am I so excited about the upcoming version?

Desktop virtualization is getting bigger and bigger. PC over IP (PCoIP) is getting more attention, a lot of ‘fat’ clients are replaced by thin clients. The real desktop is being moved to the datacenter.

One of the drawbacks of today’s remote desktop protocols is poor video and audio performance, especially if the screens get larger and the quality goes up. For a real PCoIP experience it’s important that these bottlenecks are solved.

Teradici has a solution for PCoIP. With this solution you can have HD quality video and audio on your desktop, even though you are using a virtual desktop. This solution requires special hardware for  client and host system. This isn’t very usable in a VMware View environment with more than one  virtual desktop per host per host.

During Vmworld Europe 2009 at Cannes, VMware and Teradici announced a partnership to create a software only version of this protocol. This way you don’t need specialized hardware on client or host side. This way the video demanding desktops finally can be virtualized.

Link to the article on virtualization.info: http://www.virtualization.info/2009/08/vmware-launches-view-40-private-beta.html