The rumors were already on the internet, but last week it was confirmed: VMworld Europe is scheduled after VMworld in the US. So now it will be held in Q4 of 2010.

The official statement:

We are pleased to announce that VMworld Europe will be held in October 2010. The VMworld Europe conference will follow our Global VMworld conference, scheduled for San Francisco in September 2010, to ensure that we are able to roll out key initiatives to customers and partners more quickly and consistently worldwide. As the leading virtualization conference, VMworld will continue to offer its diverse global audience the latest information on how virtualization is revolutionizing the next generation of computing.

I wonder if this is the first step in shutting down VMworld Europe in total. Two big events like this will make the attendees choose between them. All news will be presented first on the US edition, so it will be out in the open before VMworld Europe.

What will be left then for VMworld Europe?

  • networking
  • touch & feel / labs

That’s it I think. If I had to choose I would then go to VMworld in the US as attendee. If I had to show my products I probably would also go to VMworld in the US. Why spend twice the money..

I hope they reconsider the date, or that this is just one time.