TrendMicro_logoThis week I attend the launch party from Trend Micro. They presented their latest products which are fully virtualization aware.

First they introduced the new way of defending viruses and malware. Because nowadays the viruses and malware changes signatures so quickly the signatures database grows also so quickly. In the long run the signatures database takes so much internal memory. Especially in virtual environments this becomes a waste of useful resources. Trend Micro is the first vendor that takes a different approach. Instead of keeping a signatures database on every machine (virtual or physical) they query a cloud based database which is always up to date and always up and running. It is more like a framework and it called Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network.

The big advantage is a much smaller disk and memory footprint. Which is very welcome in virtual environments.

Second they launched the first antivirus and anti-malware product that is virtual aware.  It is specially designed to protect virtual machines.

The advantages are:

  • Protect VMs which are active or dormant;
  • Can protect new provisioned VMs directly by setting up a policy to automatically scan security;
  • Integration with VMware vCenter;
  • Can schedule resource intensive scans across ESX hosts to prevent resources dip when fro example a scan is activated.


At last they announced a new version of Deep Security. This virtual appliance helps to protect your virtual environment with:

  • Deep packet Inspection: It “sees” all intra VM traffic and checks for misbehavior IP packets;
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention;
  • Integrity Monitoring to meet your regulation rules;
  • Web application protection. Defends e.g. against SQL injections and cross site scripting;
  • Application control. See what a certain application is doing on the network;
  • Bidirectional stateful firewall;
  • Log inspection.

It was a nice afternoon with a lot of new product knowledge. Thank you Trend Micro for inviting me.