Virtual Machine configuration maximums

I’m in IT for more then 12 years and during that period I learned, never to trust something another professional tells you. So as I am studying for my VCP410 exam, coming Friday, I came across the Virtual Machine configuration maximums. I saw the info at Simon Long’s blog, took his VCP vSphere 4 Practice Exam and also took notes.

When running through all configuration maximums I remembered the ‘never trust anyone’ motto and as I’m in between project I thought it would be cool to check/confirm the presented maximums. Some seem so ridiculous that you can hardly believe them to be true.

After 10 minutes of editing the virtual machine configuration I got my ‘MAXVM’ and I must say VMware delivers one awesome virtual machine. I can’t imagine anyone using a virtual machine which approaches these configuration maximums.

To sum it up:

  • Max 255GB memory;
  • Max 8 vCPUs;
  • Max 2 IDE controllers;
  • Max 2 floppy drives;
  • Max 4 IDE devices;
  • Max 3 parallel ports;
  • Max 4 serial ports;
  • Max 10 network adapters;
  • Max 1 USB controller;
  • Max 4 SCSI controllers;
  • Max 60 SCSI devices.

And what does such an enormous virtual machine look like. Check this out.