Now that the new version of VMware View is coming shortly I was investigating the new possibilities with our thin client providers. Wyse Technology which has a nice solution already for the View 3.1 platform now has a new Zero Client which is specially made for View 4.0.

What makes this Zero Client so special? This model support PCoIP. PCoIP is the answer from VMware to make a great user experience possible with VMware View. Wyse-P20-100x154VMware partnered with Teradici to introduce the PCoIP technology into View.  The P20 not only uses the software implementation but the P20 also contains the hardware chip that Teradici uses in the PCI Card solution. Tested by Brain Madden a couple of month ago.  Also see this article at BrianMadden . Imagine the possibilities this solution can offer in your VDI environment.

When the Wyse P20 comes to EMEA is not yet clear, but I hope to find out more next month. We at VMGuru.nl will also try to get our hands on a P20 model so we can blog our experiences.

More info on:  http://www.wyse.com/products/hardware/zeroclients/P20/index.asp