Thanks CDG, for pimping my life!


Last Tuesday was a very good day for me. First of all because the VMware Partner Forum 2009 was very interesting and we got a lot of valuable information but most of all because I won an XBOX360 at the SBK08 competition at the stand of CDG.


After taking the XBOX360  home and explaining that I won it and did NOT buy it :-) I set it up and of course I had to prove that I was really that quick. After a few practice laps I succeeded and I even managed to improve my time I recorded Tuesday (1.49) by 2 seconds.SBK03

Thursday at a Citrix event CDG had the same competition and a colleague almost won the XBOX360 that day but unfortunately he became second.


I’m enjoying myself very much and I definitely know what I’m going to do this weekend.

The hosts were oa Andre Pieterse and Dinesh Raghoenath and not the famous Xzibit but nevertheless……..