ExpandAlthough PCoIP is very efficient display protocol also over WAN connection. (See video demonstration on Vimeo ) there was still the leak of a good WAN optimization solution for VMware View 4.0.

We all know that the user experience will heavily benefit  if we can control the WAN traffic. As we know the PCoIP uses both TCP and UDP transport protocols. All of the WAN optimization solutions support TCP. But UDP is not broadly supported with the WAN optimization solutions.

That changes because Expand Networks provide immediate support for all VMware View 4 remote display protocols across the Expand’s Accelerator range of WAN optimization solutions to securely enable, accelerate and control VMware View over the WAN, including the PCoIP protocol.

The benefits that Expand’s solution brings to VMware View include support for:

Teradici PCoIP
– Securely enable transport of PCoIP within standard or advanced tunneling options (Advanced  Encryption Standard (AES256), Firewall Transparency and Router Transparency Modes) eliminating the potential need to reconfigure firewalls.
– Apply QoS to control PCoIP traffic flow and assure end-user experience

VMware ThinApp
– Prioritize VMware ThinApp traffic over the WAN using QoS techniques

Multimedia Redirect
– Multimedia traffic that is redirected can be compressed, accelerated and prioritized with QoS
– Ensure that video or voice traffic gains the priority and bandwidth it requires over the WAN

 USB Redirect
– Accelerate, compress and control redirected USB-connected device traffic with QoS