Valentine's Day

It was Valentine’s Day, February 14th, the day the boys and girls at Partner Exchange exchange business cards with their business partners.  They draw hearts and flowers and write funny poems.  VMware awoke early and looked over at the stack of cards ready and waiting to be given to friends, including one very special card for Cisco and NetApp, VMware’s best friends.

At the Partner Exchange, VMware was surprised to see that lots of other partners were already there and every desk was piled high with Valentines.  VMware went to work right away, hurrying to leave a Valentine at each desk before the bell rang for the keynote.

No one could open any cards until the party that afternoon.  It was hard to wait!  But, finally, the sessions were done and the last speaker said, “It’s time for the party!”  Everyone gave out a loud cheer!  As the speaker served heart-shaped cupcakes and pink lemonade, the partners began opening their Valentines, smiling and laughing.  “Thank you!” rang out over and over again as each envelope was opened.

VMware opened Valentines but also watched Cisco and NetApp.  Finally, Cisco and NetApp read the special Valentine.  A very big smile came over Cisco and NetApp’s face.  Then VMware and Cisco and NetApp looked at each other and burst out laughing!  Want to know what the special Valentine said?  Well, ok.  Here it is:

Roses are red; Violets are blue. If you want to see who sent this, look around. Your very best friend is smiling at you! Signed - Your Secret Admirer

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