Last Wednesday VKernel released a new free tool which delivers capacity alerts to the desktop.

Capacity View provides quick visibility and alerting to the storage and server capacity issues in your VMware virtualized infrastructure. I downloaded the toolto give it a testdrive and it is very easy to setup, the download and install took only a few minutes and in no time I had it up and running and connected to vCenter.

Capacity View identifies capacity based performance issues such as virtual machine I/O latency or under-allocated CPU, memory or storage. Additionally, it monitors your available capacity for new VM deployments and shows you which over-provisioned VMs can be rightsized to free up wasted capacity.

Capacity View also provides you with key virtualization deployment statistics such as:

  • Numbers of VMs, hosts, data stores, clusters and resource pools
  • Total available physical resources (CPU, memory and storage)
  • Total allocated virtual resources as a % of physical

More information can be found on the VKernel website and VKernel Capacity View can be downloaded here.