With the release of VMware View 4.5 comes the challenge to upgrade your existing installation to this new version.

The upgrade is not that difficult but because I promised you all a ‘How to upgrade to VMware View 4.5‘ I will provide this service anyway.

Before you start first a few pointers:
1. make a back-up of the VMware View systems that you’re going to upgrade;
2. If some of your end users are using the Client with Offline Desktop, ask them to check in their View desktops;
3. when you have multiple connection servers and you are upgrading from 4.0 to 4.5, you need to disable the VMware View Connection Server service on all Connection servers. (Thanks Sven)
4. If you are using vSphere, you must have vSphere 4.0 Update 2 or vSphere 4.1. If you are using VMware Infrastructure, you must have VMware Infrastructure 3.5 Update 5 and VirtualCenter Server 2.5 Update 6.

Also check the official VMware View Upgrade Guide.

View Connection server upgrade

Let’s start with the upgrade of the VMware View Connection server. Start the appropriate, 32 or 64 bit, installer to start the upgrade process.

Accept the license agreement and continue.

Check the installation path and continue. Make sure you select path of the current View installation.

The upgrade process will start and upgrades the ADAM Directory Services schema.

And that is all. Installer complete, VMware View Connection server upgrade finished.

When you are using more than one Connection server or you are using a Security server, follow the exact same ‘upgrade process’.

Next, check the Connection server configuration.


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Page 2 – Check the configuration
Page 3 – Upgrade VMware View agent
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