Upgrade VMware View Client.

Last action is the VMware View Client upgrade. Again, no rocket science.

Accept the license agreement and continue.

Select the appropriate installation options.

Set the default Connection server.

Set the default behavior for ‘Log in as current user’.

Choose where to create VMware View Client shortcuts.

Install the VMware View client at the same location as the previous agent.

Finish the installer, reboot the PC/laptop/server and enjoy the VMware View 4.5 experience.

As you can see, the upgrade of VMware View is as simple as an initial installation. Besides that, it is much much easier than other VDI products from other non-specified vendors ;-).

Next, install the VMware View Client.


Page 1 – View Connection server upgrade
Page 2 – Check the configuration
Page 3 – Upgrade VMware View agent
Page 4 – Upgrade VMware View client