Change in RES Software product suite

Today one of my colleagues pointed out some of the changes around the RES Software product suite, which probably will be announced on the Citrix Synergy 2010 in Berlin, tomorrow.


RES Software has restyled there logo and color scheme. They also renamed RES PowerFuse en RES Wisdom into RES Workspace Manager and RES Automation Manager. The new names sound logical to me.

It looks like they pulled out the RES Subscriber feature out of the PowerFuse Enterprise edition and made it an additional product named RES Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX). Also there will be no more different editions to choose from instead you can choose the functionality in modules, based on your needs.

Workspace Manager former RES PowerFuse

Allows IT to centrally manage and dynamically create a computing environment that provides optimized access to applications, data, printing and personalized settings based on the user’s needs and the system’s requirements. The solution is Microsoft Windows OS and application delivery independent. Zero–profile technology eliminates scripting and solves profile challenges.

The three modules to choose from are:

1.    Composition & Personalization Module

2.    Advanced Administration Module

3.    Security & Performance Module


Automation Manager former RES Wisdom

Enables IT professionals to deliver any set of changes to Microsoft Windows environments, whether hosted, virtual, or web-based and automates provisioning of IT resources, all from a single console.

The three modules to choose from are:

1.    Task Automation Module

2.    Resource Provisioning Module

3.    Service Orchestration Module


RES Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX) former RES Subscriber™

Patented and proven reverse seamless VDX technology provides the unique ability to enhance a virtual desktop with applications that run locally, eliminating the need for users to log into multiple sessions to access applications that can’t be virtualized.

VDX helps rationalize applications, giving IT the ability to run less intensive applications in the data center and more demanding applications locally. With this model IT can host more sensitive applications and data in their data centers, while allowing users the freedom to run local applications and personalize their desktops, while maintaining management or control.


RES Dynamic Desktop Studio

Is able to create adaptive desktops optimized for your users based on their needs at that time and since that workspace is centrally managed and separated from the hardware and operating system, making changes to your infrastructure is a snap.

From a product perspective, when customers upgrade, the product will be rebranded, including updated splash screens and icons. Existing PowerFuse and Wisdom customers can also take advantage of the new orchestration features by adding the Service Orchestration Module to their environment.

The complete Dynamic Desktop Studio will be available for purchase once Automation Manager 2011,  including the Service Orchestration Module, ships by November 1. Demos are available now by contacting RES directly. More info can be found here.