During VMworld Europe 2010 in Copenhagen I will be keeping a diary to show what a blogger’s life is all about.

The diary of a VMworld 2010 Blogger.

Monday 11 October 2010


Just woke up, maybe that phone that keeps ringing in the distance is the one who caused me to awake from my deep sleep… mmmm no its my own phone but where did I put it. Careful not to sit up and jump out of bed or I will be laying down on my face on the hotel room floor 2 meters below :P  Ahh it is my lovely wife waking me up :D Careful to get out of the bunk bed and trying to jump onto the small stairs hanging at the bed.

Alex got some fear in his sleepy eyes maybe because some gorilla just jumped onto a small stairs close to his head, morning mate.


After washing and shaving I am ready for breakfast but first I will check my e-mail and tweets to see if there is something new on the horizon. The first post and picture gallery from Sunday is online.
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A loud bang on the door introduces Erik and Anne Jan ready for breakfast.


The breakfast room is in the basement, somehow it resembles the county jail, but with friendlier staff.


Bumped into Gerben Kloosterman from virtual architect at the breakfast. He is staying in the same hotel as the VMGuru.nl crew. Always nice to talk and share ideas with fellow bloggers and virtual enthusiast.


More friendly faces submerge and Egbert is entering the breakfast room, not long after that Arjan his voice enters the room followed by Arjan itself. Morning my VMware friend :)  After trying some cups of coffee time to get ready for partner day @ the Bella Center.


Walking to the Bella Center with the crew to attend partner day, it is chilly outside but it will be a lovely day sun is shining and it feels like about 8 degrees Celsius at the moment.


After handing in my jacket at the wardrobe it is time to enter the auditorium for the partner day keynote.


Crap my battery died on me no power left to blog any further for now, time to take some pictures then.

Where is my Camera ??????? Not awake yet, think I left it in my jacket so back to wardrobe to ask for my  jacket. Yay got my camera back so it is time to take some nice pictures during the day.


The auditorium is empty now everyone is off to the lunch the VMGuru crew can take the stage. Some very nice photos we took or where took while we went on stage. Nice for the scrap book later on about VMworld 2010 Europe Copenhagen.


Can get some juice  for my laptop again in the press lounge, it is slowly charging while editing the photos taken. Had a nice discussion with Hans Timmerman the CTO from EMC about clouds, vision, pitfalls, management and the impact on the business.


Time to get going again. We take the backdoor and end up on the solutions exchange where a lot of activity is going on to get it ready for tomorrow.



The Hands on Labs are very packed with people. A lot of labs are being done at the moment. Look who is there, we meet up with John Troyer and have a very nice conversation about social media and the changing landscape of IT.





More people are arriving at the Bella Center for tomorrow and are checking in at the right booths. The sun is still shining outside and Alex wants to take some pictures outside of the Bella Center. Here we bump into Luc Pennings from Scense.










The partner appreciation party is making more noise by the minute so let’s have a look around there. A lot of familiar faces look at me from the crowd. Time to get a well-deserved beer.


Erik and Anne Jan are ready with the hands on labs and we get going back to the hotel.


Making our way to the metro station behind the hotel a good 10 minute walk.


Taking the subway into town to Norreport station where we have to switch metro lines and get going to the Kobenhavn H station. Here we meet up with Maurice for dinner this evening.


Maurice is already awaiting us on the train station and he will guide us to a nice restaurant he seems to know in Copenhagen. While rounding some corners we get in front of the famous Tivoli amusement park. The restaurant is close by.


We enter the Hereford Beefstouw restaurant, where we have to wait a few minutes to get a table for five because the place is packed with people. Some really nice smell is filling the room at that moment and some nice plates cross our paths. We get seated at a table where we all order some very nice dish. T-bones all around with some salad on the side.

Followed by coffee and thee. Thanks Maurice for the awesome dinner and presence of you being their, had a good time there.


Time to get back to the hotel not got any energy left to get to the VMUG underground party. So taking the metro back to Norreport and jumping onto the other metro line again, but which one to take while we see lots of possibilities. Finally we found the big S from the metro station and descend 2 stories  down to get the M1 line back to Orestad station near the hotel.


Back in the hotel we spilt up and go to our rooms to do some editing, typing and getting stuff ready for the blog.


Time to close the laptop and get some sleep because the keynote tomorrow is at 9:00 AM.

Lights out, good night all.