The journey to the cloud begins


Today is the day that we will all remember. Today will mark the start of a new era. In a couple of hours we will be arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark to give you, our readers, the latest info on virtualization, cloud and cloud related items.

Other than the last couple of years we’re traveling by car, not by plane. A couple of people made fun of us, but that doesn’t hurt us. It is only a 7.5 hour drive (according to Google Maps) without any traffic jams. We hope to arrive somewhere in the early evening in our hotel. Since we have to pay for it ourself we’re travelling with the company car driven by Edwin. It seems that I’m third in line for Germany. Strange, all of us want to drive there ;)

You can recognize the ultimate vRoadTrip car by the large signs on the doors. Keep your eyes out for a black(ish) Opel Insignia. If you see us, honk and make a picture. I will be giving away some of the things I gather at this years VMworld Europe. Send your picture to or put it up on Twitter.  The route we probably will take will lead us through the northen part of The Netherlands, through Germany, into Denmark.

The content of our Blogstation on wheels (next to business attire and other necessities) :

  • JVC Everio HD10 hard disk video camera
  • Canon EOS450D XLR camera with 18-55mm and 18-250mm objectives
  • Behringer Podcast Studio
  • 2x MacBookPro 15"
  • iPad 64GB/3G
  • 2x iPhone 3
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Legend
  • A big case with cables and converters
  • All kinds of other stuff we probably (not) gonna need

Hopefully tonight we will put up some footage of the long trip to the north. Be sure to follow us on twitter by @vmguru_nl, #vmworld and this blog.

I’m signing off. The vRoadTrip starts here!